about me

I love to write music and I love building guitars (Tweed Guitars). Some have said I’m obsessed. Oh well… there are much worse obsessions in life.

If you come see a show feel free to ask me anything you’d like, especially about the music or the instruments. Audience interaction makes or breaks a show. After all you paid the admission and I am grateful. If there are no questions, I am happy to tell a story – some truth, I promise… Seriously though, conversation is welcome. Let’s just keep it between the songs!

This is often a one man operation, that is to say I don’t travel with a “merch girl”. Recently a tradition has started where approving listeners who want to buy an album grab one and then THROW THE MONEY ON STAGE. At first I wasn’t so sure, but now I’ve kind of grown accustomed to it. I would not be opposed to this tradition continuing.

"A little bit of blues, a little bit of soul and a whole lot of fun."
– Kink FM 102

"Extraordinary fingerpicking and slide acoustic guitar."
– Cascade Blues Association, Blues Notes

“Guitarist Eric Tweed delivers gorgeous songcraft through blues-tinged vocals.”
– The Weekly Volcano (Olympia, WA)

“This kid HAS to be heard"
– PA Musician Magazine